BloodBridge is a web based application built for smart devices.   Taking advantage of bar codes and user friendly widgets, it provides a user friendly bridge between the nurses and your back end servers.  It helps provide greater accuracy and safety when dispensing blood items as well as the ability to track patients and their reactions.  

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  IFMedTrack is proud to announce the preliminary release of their new application to track Medical Kits in the hospital environment.  Built to take advantage of mobile devices, our MedKit application can track kits and components from assembly to sterilization to surgery and back, helping to reduce costs and liability.

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  With over 30 years experience in the IT industry, the team behind IFMedTrack's family of solutions is ready to apply their experience to what ever problem you need solved.  With extensive experience in "cloud" based tracking, auditing and reporting solutions, our team has a unique skill set ready to be put to your uses.

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